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IzabellBDSM: i like all
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IzabellBDSM: i like all IzabellBDSM: i like all IzabellBDSM: i like all
Age: 25
Look: Tall slender brunette with green eyes and large breasts.
Preferences: and you ask the answer
Online-Times: everyday 20 pm-9 am
Hobbies: music, dance
Description: i like all

About me:

Crazy and spontaneous girl, not having a lot of typical sexual ideas. I guarantee you with me not trivial fun, remember it for the rest of your life, of course, as something positive Dirty fun or BDSM is one of the strongest fetishes, actually I have no boundaries or taboos. I love to embody the roles and fulfill both sided dreams. Still you wondering? I invite you, let us learn to not bite ... maybe sometimes D

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